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Layoutgallery was created after thinking hard about how to make this site more useful. It may not be the most beautiful layout I ever did :) but it serves it's purpose to give a quick overview on first glance.

Since I made it in a kind of rush, I also may have overlooked some flaws, so feel free to find them and comment.

[Update] Alright, Version 2. CSS validates (with some "missing background" warnings; nothing important); XHTML validates for the site (some story-images are missing alt tags or the closing "/", but that's not the layout's fault & I am too lazy to edit all those stories - again).

I also improved some margins & the commentform-display.

(The links in the bottom left are hardcoded, so you'll probably want to change or delete them. To show a thumbnail in the overvie-page, add it to the field "thumbnail".)

[Thanks to ortega & ichichich for the "reminder" ;)]


Antville 1.1:

layoutgallery_full (application/zip, 120 KB)

Antville 1.2:


Danke für das Layout! Ist jetzt auch im Einsatz bei gutterflower.antville.org.